The Fearless 48 Hour

Challenge and Film Festival

Rules and Information

Eligibility: Open to filmmakers of all ages (however registers under 18 years of age must have parental consent), Breaking Fate Entertainment owners, judges and immediate family of either are not eligible to participate.

Cost to Register a Team: $40  (Students with student ID are $35) Registration also includes 5 admission tickets to the festival for team members.  Additional team member tickets to the 5 included can be purchased at the door for $5 each. (general admission is $10)

To Register: Use the online registration form on the REGISTER A TEAM PAGE.  You will be asked for a team name (this can be any fun name you want to call your team), you will be asked for 5 names for included admission passes (additional team member admissions can be purchased at the door for $5/each), a team bio (this is a brief bio about you / your team for promotion on our website), a link to a team photo (this can be any graphic you want to make for your team name / logo also for promotion on our website), and will be asked for payment by PayPal for registration fee.

Number of Teams: Only the first 12 teams to register will be able to participate.  We highly recommend registering as soon as possible.  The team registration form opens on January 1st 2015 at 10AM CST.

Limitations: This festival is limited to the FIRST 12 REGISTERED TEAMS ONLY.  Registration must be complete before 5PM CST February 1st 2015 and is on first come first serve basis.  Once 12 teams are sold, no others will be permitted to register.

By Registering Team Captain Agrees that all they own the rights to all materials in film being produced for festival competition, they give consent to Breaking Fate Entertainment. to screen the film at Season 1 of The Fearless 48 Hour Film Festival, and claim all responsibility for any claims and/or legal action (and fees) resulting from illegal use of any copyrighten work / registered logos and/or trademarks or soundtrack.  The team is responsible for funding their own film (most are expected to be made on no budget and our judges will be grading accordingly).  By registering and participating, you also agree to public and/or private publishing of your submitted film on the Fearless 48 website and Breaking Fate Entertainment associated websites, social media, etc.

48 HOUR SCHEDULE: Film must be written / produced / edited between 4PM CST February 20th 2015 & 4PM CST February 22nd 2015. – NO EXCEPTIONS.  ALL FILMS MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THEN 4:30PM CST  FEBRUARY 22ND AT THE CARL SCHURZ HIGH SCHOOL ASSEMBLY HALL.  Films turned in late may be screened, but not eligible for awards / prizes.

No nudity is permitted in any of the films – Sorry, this is an all ages event.

Each team will be given 3 elements (a character, a dialog and an action) that must be included in the teams film.  These elements will be emailed directly to the Team Captain as well as posted publicly on the festival website at 3:30PM CST February 20th, 2015.  Here is an example of the elements:

          TEAM NAME: Team Spook Show
          CHARACTER: John Doe, a bank clerk
                    DIALOG: “I must have really upset her”
                    ACTION: Breaks a pencil
Film length must be between 4 and 8 minutes including title & credits.  No more, no less.

All team members are asked to attend, as they will be invited on stage after the screening of their film for a Q&A and life on the spot feedback by the judges.

By participating, teams give Breaking Fate Entertainment the right to publish the submitted work to youtube and/or vimeo and/or official festival website after the event to share with public.  Use your name / team name / team members names in association with the submitted film.  (this is done to provide promotion to the filmmakers and feedback to the press)

Only work allowed to be done prior to the “official 48 hour period” is: Assembling a team (including cast/crew), securing equipment,  scouting/securing locations.


Team Captains and individuals interested in joining a team can use our new Facebook group to connect!  Simply visit the group by CLICKING HERE and make a post about what you need for your team or what you have to offer for a team.  We also recommend the Northern Illinois Casting group on Facebook to connect with your cast/crew needs.  It is very well regulated, so please make sure you read the groups rules before posting.


Prerecorded “sounds” and “music compositions” are permitted, provided the team has legal right to use the audio materials.

All cast/crew must be unpaid volunteers donating time and talent.

Entrants are not allowed to publish the festival film to the web or have any other public screenings of the film until after the close of the Fearless 48 Film Festival.  (All entries must be world premier screenings of films).


Breaking Fate Entertainment is considering distributing a DVD collection of all of the Fearless 48 Film Submissions.  When registering a team, you will be asked if you would like your film to be included in such a DVD release.  If DVD distribution does happen, individuals involved in the production of any of the included films will be able to purchase copies of the DVD for $5 per copy, plus the cost of shipping.  Cost to general public will be $10 a copy. The decision to distribute or not will depend on the number of teams who agree to DVD distribution of the Fearless 48 Film Collection.


After the close of the film festival event, film teams are allowed and very encouraged to submit films to film festivals, post on the web, etc.  It is your film, you own it!  We hope to see your film show up on more screens beyond the Fearless 48 Hour Film Challenge.


Use the form below to register a team.  If the form is not showing up for any reason, try refreshing the page or you can also register via our ticket vendor Eventbee by CLICKING HERE.